Fox Valley Celiacs - CSA Chapter 26

Fox Valley Celiacs Chapter 26

Once you have been diagnosed with celiac

disease (CD) or dermatitis herpetiformis

(DH), a wise step is to consult with a dietitian.

During this consultation, you will receive

information about the gluten-free diet.


As a newly diagnosed celiac, you should

consider joining the Fox Valley Celiacs (FVC)

support group, which serves all of NE

Wisconsin. With over 200 members, FVC

will provide information, resource materials,

and a place to meet other celiacs.


Fox Valley Celiacs meet every other month

starting in January. A gluten-free picnic is

held in July, and a gluten-free dinner is held

at Fox Valley Technical College in November.


Meetings may include a speaker, a panel

discussion, a Q & A session, or a potluck. At

each meeting, time is set aside for sharing

information on gluten-free products, gluten aware restaurants, and resource materials.


Amy Nussbaum Schubbe, new-member advocate, meets with newly diagnosed celiacs 45 minutes prior to the regular meetings to answer questions and share information.


A bimonthly newsletter is written and

published by FVC, which features gluten-free

products, recipes, articles on celiac disease,

and other informational material.


Books, pamphlets, recipe books, and other

resource materials can be checked out

during regular meetings.


Annual membership in FVC is $10, which

includes the newsletter. A new-member

packet is available for $10.


The support group is a great place to make

new friends who have the same goal―eating

well and staying healthy.


Directions to Fox Valley Technical College


From the north, take U.S. 41 south to Northland Avenue.

Go east one-half mile to N Bluemound Dr, then south to FVTC. Turn left on Tri-Park Way and then left to 5 N Systems Drive


From the south, take U.S. 41 north to Wisconsin Ave (S.T.H. 96). Go east one-half mile to N Bluemound Dr, then north to FVTC. Turn right on Tri-Park Way and then left to 5 N Systems Dr.

The Bordini Center and the parking lot can be seen when you turn on Tri Park Way. Enter the building through the main entrance into the Atrium. FVC will meet in the Conference Center (#112A) just inside the door.